How to Do 5 Face Aerobics to Stay Young

By LeafTV Contributor

I have been doing this 5 face aerobics since I was very young , my mom and dad did them all the time.I am 47 years old.hanging in there and getting old with dignity. this is a personal technique that I want to share with you, it works, if you do it ever day 3 times a weeks.or at your pace. is good as well, the first time you will experience ,a little pain you are exercising muscles that you never do.this is the eyebrow lift.

Do 5 Face Aerobics to Stay Young

Step 1

The scrunching is the first one,put a lots of massage oil or massage cream.I use Queen helene,or Herbabless oil massage,,love them.

Step 2

The eyebrow, eyelift and forhead, just lift your eyebrows as if you were scare,do it slow and after do it fast ,it will work on the eyes ,eyebrows and can start with 10 times each aerobic.

Step 3

The cheeks and call.A ,O ,you will say A and then change to O.AO, AO .repeat that start 10 times.I do 40 everyday,start slow maybe 5 times you will feel it.

Step 4

This is too for the bottom of the face ,you will go from O to E,do it slowly release from the O to the E .you might hear a little cracks ,your face is not use to ,the muscles are going to get use to it. do not worry.

Step 5

The neck lift,this is my favorite because that is my problem area.we all have a problem area.push your jaw to the front start have to see 2 muscles on your neck little by little you will see it, it works.