How to Disguise Wide Hips With Clothing

By Maggie McCormick

Some cultures prize wide hips; it's common for American women to want slimmer hips. Having wide hips isn't necessarily about being overweight, it's more about body type. Your hips can give you either a pear or hourglass shape, depending on the rest of your body. The key to disguising wide hips with clothing is to take the attention off of your hips. You may not be able to wear all of the latest fashions, however, when you make the right choices, you can be a fashion all-star.

Wearing the proper clothing can help disguise wide hips.

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Step 1

Wear lighter colors or clothes with embellishments on the top. A brightly-colored shirt or one with a ruffled neckline draws people's attention to your upper body and away from your hips.

Step 2

Choose wide-legged pants with a flat front. Any pants that cling to your thighs will accentuate your hips. Wide-legged pants drop straight down from the hip. Avoid pants with pleats that bulk up your midsection.

Step 3

Look for A-line skirts that extend to just below your knees. These skirts are forgiving in the hip area and flattering.

Step 4

Give yourself enough hip room when wearing a dress. Avoid wearing form-fitting dresses or a dress that is tight in the hips. Instead, look for a dress that is tighter up top and flares out at the bottom, such as an empire-waist dress.

Step 5

Add heels to your outfit to elongate your figure. Wearing heels makes you stand taller, lengthens your body and evens out your hips.

Step 6

Choose a top that comes to your waist or mid-hip. This cuts across the hips, making them look smaller.