How to Determine Your Color Palette

By Lindsay Pietroluongo

To look your best, determine the color palette that goes well with your skin tone, hair and eye color. Your personal color palette will tell you what makeup you should wear, the clothing colors you should choose and the jewelry metals that look best on you. There are four main color palettes: Autumn, Spring, Summer and Winter. By sticking with your color palette, your skin will glow and look vibrant. Determining your color palette is easy if you follow a few easy steps.

Find the color palette that goes best with your skin tone.

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Step 1

Determine if your hair color is dark or light and if it's warm or cool. You may want to go with your natural color or the color you have your hair dyed. If your hair is on the dark end of the spectrum, it may be warm, closer to red and brown shades, or cool with black shades. If your hair is light, it may be warm, closer to yellow shades, or cool with ashy or white coloring.

Step 2

Base your color palette off your hair. Dark, warm hair tones matches with Autumn palettes. Rich, warm or muted colors look best - think about the color spectrum during the Fall season. Dark, cool hair tones match with a Winter palette. Wear bold colors, like empire blue or true red, or shades of gray, black and white. Light, warm colors should wear a Spring palette - bright colors in the yellow family look great. A good rule of thumb for this seasonal coloring is to match your colors to your eye color. Light, cool hair works with the Summer palette. Muted colors, including colors in the tan family, look great with this skin tone.

Step 3

Hold a piece of gold jewelry to one side of your face and a piece of silver jewelry to the other side. Your face should be free of makeup and you should be in natural lighting. The metal that makes your complexion look brighter is the better choice.

Step 4

Wear gold-hued and earth colors if your complexion looked best with gold jewelry. Camel, mocha, gray, bronze and beige are good colors to wear, as well as shades of orange and green. Instead of stark white, opt for creamy whites. You have warm coloring, and most likely your hair is blonde, brown, black or red. Red or golden highlights are probably attractive on you as well. Your complexion is probably fair or dark with a peach or yellow undertone. Your eyes may be either a dark or light shade of brown, haze, green or blue.

Step 5

Wear "cool" colors if silver looked better against your skin. Pastels, shades of pink and vivid colors will complement your coloring, as well as pure white and true red. Your hair is most likely ashy, white-blonde or graying. Your eyes may be green, violet or gray.