By Andrea Cespedes

According to research sponsored by the makeup company Smashbox, there are six primary eye shapes: almond, hooded, monolid, round, upturned and down-turned. Knowing your eye shape helps you apply makeup properly to get the look you want.

Closeup shot of beautiful woman eye
credit: alexey_boldin/iStock/Getty Images
Close-up of blue eye.

How to Figure It Out

To determine the shape of your eyes, first examine your eyelid crease -- the wrinkle-like indentation that extends from the inside of your lid to the end of your eye. If you don't have one, your eyes are monolids. If you do have a crease, note whether the outer corner swings upward, which indicates an upturned eye, or downward, which indicates a down-turned eye shape. You have hooded eyes if you have a crease but it isn't visible in the mirror. To determine if you have round or almond eyes, check how the whites of your eyes are shaped. If you can see them all the way around your irisis, the colored portions in the center, you have round eyes; if the whites of your eyes aren't visible around your irisis, your eyes are almond shaped.