How to Design Haircuts for Boys

By Vanessa Lewis

Designing haircuts for boys can be challenging, with styles changing all the time. Parents, use these tips to help choose a flattering, easily maintained hairstyle for your sons. Salon owners, you can give your young clients hairstyles that will make them happy and keep them coming back.

Step 1

Hairstyle is often a joint decision for parents and boys, especially younger ones. Don't forget to consider what kind of hairstyle the boy wants. Let him look through magazines or watch TV with an eye to spotting a popular style he might like. Pictures are especially helpful for understanding exactly what he has in mind.

Step 2

You want to design a boy's haircut that is stylish, but functional. Think about what styles are popular, but bear in mind that fads come and go, and what is in style now might not be in style next month. A more classic style might be desirable, especially for younger boys.

Step 3

What makes a haircut work for one boy may not translate well for another. Keep the individual boy's hair type in mind when choosing a style--is it straight, curly, wavy, coarse, thin, thick? If a boy has straight hair, he can probably wear a spiky style. Boys with curly hair need a cut that works with their waves. However, it may be hard or even impossible to give spikes to curly-haired boys or curls to straight-haired boys. If a boy has his heart set on a certain hairstyle, it may be hard if his hair won't cooperate. Be realistic, and let him know that some styles don't work well for certain types of hair. A stylist may be able to suggest a modification that will work for the boy, or a styling product that will help him get the look he wants.

Step 4

Think about the shape of the boy's face and what cut would best flatter it. A round face may need less fullness at the sides, but a long face can often benefit from a cut with more volume there. A good stylist can soften a high forehead or accentuate a handsome pair of eyes with a few skillful snips.

Step 5

Choose a hairstyle that's appropriate to the boy's age and personality. For active toddlers, a short, classic cut is often attractive and keeps grooming simple. Teenagers are likely looking for something with more up-to-date style, and they can handle their own hair-styling routines. Consider the older boy's own style -- is he athletic? into music or drama? preppy or edgy? -- and let his hairstyle reflect who he is.