How to Design Clothes

By LeafTV Editor

Learning how to design your own clothing can be a challenging and rewarding creative endeavor. Whether you want to start your own clothing line, or you simply like the idea of designing clothes for yourself or family members, there are a number of things you will need to think about as you begin the design process. Here are a few ideas to get you started designing your own clothes.

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How To Design Clothes


Look at popular trends when designing your clothing. Fashion magazines are a good place to begin to get a sense of what designs are in and what designs are out during any given season. Take a look at what the top fashion designers are producing for the runway. As a designer, you should not aim to emulate other designers, but rather to be inspired by their work to create your own original designs.

Use a sketchbook and some colored pencils to begin formulating your own designs. Don't be afraid to experiment. Most designers are looking to create their own signature style when designing their clothes.

Use a program like PhotoShop or Corel Painter to help you refine your design for your clothes. Another program you might want to look at is called Virtual Fashion, which allows you to create your own fashions using CGI mannequins. There are several other programs that also help you design fashions, such as Digital Fashions Pro, but Virtual Fashion is one of the most versatile, with the ability to import models made by other companies.

Sew your designs yourself or have a seamstress sew them for you. If you know how to make clothing using a sewing machine or sewing by hand, you can work on your own creations and see how they look on a real model or mannequin. It's a good idea to first use pins or thread to baste your garment while you're trying to get your design as you like it, as well as to achieve a proper fitting.

Expand your knowledge and abilities by enrolling in a design program. Many colleges offer programs in clothing design, such as the Parson School of Design's School of Fashion at the New School in New York City. You will usually need to present a portfolio of your designs along with other application requirements. This is a great way to learn clothing design while working in a highly creative environment with other design students.