How to Deal With Going Bald at Twenty

By LeafTV Editor

How to Deal With Going Bald at Twenty. Though 75 percent of men suffer from some form of hair loss, balding has been a dreaded rite of passage for centuries. Many men go through an internal hissy fit when they see strands of hair lining their pillow in the morning or clogging the shower drain. Imagine going through this as a teenager, only to find yourself almost completely bald by your mid-20s.

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Step 1

Cut it short. Long hair weighs heavy and when it's thinning, you wind up looking like you have a fistful of straw on your head.

Step 2

Get in shape. You can't help balding, but you can work out and lose weight. Getting a newfound set of muscles helps to alleviate the fear of balding and brings attention to other features besides your hair.

Step 3

Grow some facial hair. Just because you don't have hair on your head doesn't mean you can't have any on your face. Goatees work especially nice for a young balding man.

Step 4

Wear a strong pair of glasses. Hair loss makes you feel like everyone's staring at your head. Draw people's attention to your face with a nice pair of black-rimmed glasses.

Step 5

Shop for new clothes. Being young, you can still pull off wearing trendy clothes that increase confidence and draw attention away from your hair loss.

Step 6

Come to terms with the fact that you're balding. It's OK. Almost every guy in the world loses his hair. Obsessing over it takes time away from enjoying the hair that you do have.

Step 7

Have a sense of humor. Being young and bald attracts more jibes than being overweight. Join in on the jokes and let others know that being bald doesn't bother you. Remember, confidence is more attractive to the opposite sex than any hairstyle.