How to Date a Guy in a Band

By Contributing Writer

So you have decided to go against the advice of everyone that you have ever come in contact with, and you are going to date a guy in a band. Whether he is the drummer or the lead singer, the appeal of dating this guy in the band is unmistakable. This is a very bumpy road that you have chosen to travel. Follow these steps, and you may survive dating a guy in a band with your sanity.

Step 1

Make sure you are into him for the right reasons. The appeal and excitement of his being in a band will fade quickly if that is the initial attraction. Being in a band is hard work, and dating a guy who is in a band is hard work as well!

Step 2

Approach dating a guy in a band as something you are not attached to. Take it slow, and assess where you both want things to go.

Step 3

Attend his band gigs at least three times a month. Attending many more then once a week could make you seem clingy, but talk to the guy you are dating. If he invites you, then it's cool to attend. Show your support, but give space if needed.

Step 4

Keep all date plans written in your planner written in pencil. All dates are subject to last minute changes when you are dating a guy in a band.

Step 5

Dress to impress when you go out with your guy from the band. You are a reflection of him and his band when you go out with him.

Step 6

Decide how the two of you are going to handled the travel often required with being in a band. Some girlfriends travel with the band when possible, and others choose to skip out on those gigs. It's all up to the two of you!