Certain hairstyles look much better on certain face shapes. Your current hairstyle may not be the best one for your face shape. This article will help you determine the perfect hairstyle that will complement the shape of your face, giving you an outstanding look and style!

Determine your face shape. The following are the common face shapes: oval, oblong, round, rectangular, square, triangular, diamond and heart. If your face is oval the length will be 1.5 times the width. A round face will be about the same length and width. A rectangular face will be longer than it is wide. A heart face will be wide at the cheekbones and forehead while narrow around the jaw line. A square face would mean your jaw line and cheekbones are about equal to each other. A triangle face would have a wider forehead narrowing to a more narrow or rounded chin. A diamond face will have wide cheeks and narrow forehead and jaw line. If you have an oblong face your face will be a bit longer than it is wide.

Consider short or medium haircuts if you have an oblong or rectangular face shape. You could choose bangs to give your face a softer appearance as well. Some celebrities you would find in this category are Janet Jackson or Kristie Alley.

Try short haircuts if you have more of a triangular shaped face. If your face is square shaped you too need either short to slightly medium length haircuts. Some celebrities with a square face include Sandra Bullock and Demi Moore.

Consider yourself rather lucky if you have an oval face because this face shape can wear practically any haircut. Long, medium and even short. This is where it can be tough because you have other factors that can determine which cut you should go for. For example, if you are active you might choose something shorter so your hair stays out of your way. For diamond shaped faces, you can wear all cuts just like the oval face shape and look fabulous.

Go with short cuts that sweep away from the face, giving your more fullness, if you have a round face.

Try chin length or long cuts and avoid short cuts at all costs if you have a heart shape face.