Learning how to cut hair at home can help save you money over the course of just a few haircuts. Cutting layered hair for girls is easier than you may think, and can be adapted to fit any length of hair. Layered styles are fashionable for girls of any age and flattering on a variety of face shapes and body types.

Choose an area of your home to cut layered hair, keeping in mind the need for good lighting as you cut and an easy way to clean up hair clippings after finishing. Outdoor areas, tiled kitchens or bathrooms are all good locations to cut hair.

Cover the girl's chest and shoulders with a trash bag cut open to form a single sheet you can drape around the front of her body, or if the bag is large enough you can simply cut a hole for her head in the bottom of the bag and she can wear the bag over her clothes.

Wet the girl's hair with a spray bottle full of water, or cut hair at home immediately after washing and conditioning the hair.

Part the hair along the center of the head to cut layered hair, and section off the hair using small to medium-size hair clips, using a comb to pull up a section of the hair and clipping it to the top of the head. Divide the hair into a total of seven sections along three basic levels: the top left, back and right, the left and right crown, and the left and right nape.

Begin on one side of the head, pulling the top sections forward to judge how long you want them to be in relation to the face. Remember that wet hair will shorten as it dries, so cut hair slightly longer than you want it to be.

Pull sections of hair out vertically with the comb, and soften layered hair for girls by pulling the section downward while holding the comb vertically in the hair and snipping the ends.

Move from one side to the back and the other side to finish the layers, continuing to cut layered hair in the clipped sections by vertically trimming.

Cut the lower side section on the crown of the head longer than the top side section, again pulling the section forward to judge where you want the next layer of hair to fall and trimming vertically.

Move from one side to the other again, finish by trimming the left and right nape sections, which should remain the longest layer when cutting layered hair for girls.

Comb the hair at the hairline straight forward to check that the layers are even, and trim if necessary, repeating with each layer framing the face.

Dry hair in sections with a blow dryer on low heat, styling as desired.

Brush off any hair clippings and sweep or vacuum the floor.