How to Cut Hair Evenly. Many people choose to save money by cutting their own or their child's hair at home. If you're doing a simple trim, you don't need to head to the hairdresser. However, when cutting your own hair, you want to make sure you make the cut even.

Wet the hair. If you want to cut hair evenly, you should dampen the hair. Use a spray bottle to moisten the entire head of hair.

Comb through the hair. Make sure the hair does not have tangles if you want to make the haircut even.

Use your fingers to judge the length of the cut. For example, if you only want a trim, you should only use one finger to measure out the haircut. Hold your fingers under the hair while you cut with your free hand.

Cut the hair in each section. After you're finished, use the comb to go through the hair again. Look at the strands to see if they match up. Use your scissors to trim any uneven pieces.

Continue the process for each section of hair. After you're finished, comb the entire head of hair and check again to make sure it's even.


Don't cut too much hair at once. If you cut off a lot of hair at once, the hair will likely bend and cause the haircut to come out uneven. Don't trim more than just your own bangs at home. You'll have a difficult time reaching the back of your head to make even cuts.