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There’s no denying the ever-present T-shirt is a staple in most wardrobes. Their basic similarities make them easy to pair with outfits year-round. The next time a creative mood hits you, grab a pair of scissors and a couple of T-shirts and see what a little imagination can do for these basic garments. Start out simple and turn a basic T-shirt into a cute one with just a few snips. As you master the technique, unleash your creativity to create cute one-of-a-kind tees.

Lay the T-shirt flat on a table. Align the seams at the front and the back so they match up.

Begin with the neck. Most basic T-shirts have a thick neck seam. Cut slowly right below the collar seam. Cut a broad arc across the neck area from shoulder to shoulder for an off-shoulder tee to pair with a tank top.

Move on to the sleeves. Some people like to cut the sleeves off altogether, but to maintain the T-shirt look, leave the sleeves. Shorten them by slowly cutting around the bottom seam of each sleeve. The seams serve as a guide to keep your cutting from looking uneven.

Turn your attention to the overall length of the T-shirt. Generally speaking, shorter is better. However, you don't want your T-shirt turning into a halter top. Take about 1 1/2 inches from the bottom of the T-shirt, following the path of the bottom seam and cutting in one continuous motion.

Take the long strip of T-shirt fabric you just cut from the bottom of the tee and wrap it around your waist, using it as a belt. With just a few snips, you've transformed your boring T-shirt into a cute top.


When you are comfortable making basic cuts to your tees, expand your DIY efforts to intricate custom designs. It is best to find a photo you like to serve as a guide before you begin to cut.

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