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Customize a sweater by making it a little sexier and more casual all at the same time. Off-the-shoulder sweaters and sweatshirts were popularized in the '80s after the movie "Flashdance" came out. Now it's a throwback to the decade of excess to make a sweater off the shoulder, but the look still works today. Cut your own sweater to create this look and freshen up an old garment.

Put the sweater on and stand in front of the mirror.

Decide how far off the shoulder you want the sweater to be, and make a few cutting marks with the fabric chalk.

Take the sweater off and cut the fabric where you made the marks. Try the sweater on again.

Look at the sweater and see if you need to remove any more material. If so, cut until the sweater is the way you want it to look.

Close the open seam by using a sewing machine to sew up where you've cut, or use a needle and thread if you don't have a sewing machine.


Cutting the sleeves is optional, but will add something to this look if you are going for an '80s style.


Cut small at first; it's always better to cut too little and keep cutting than to cut too much and regret it.

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