How to Cut a Fantail Shrimp

By Elizabeth Arnold

Fantail shrimp are large shrimp that are peeled, deveined and butterflied to create a flat appearance. Fantail shrimp are typically coated with flour, panko breadcrumbs or shredded coconut and quickly fried to create a crunchy, golden brown batter. The shrimps' tails are left intact, making them the ideal finger food. You can serve fried fantail shrimp as part of a delicious dinner or as a party appetizer alongside several dipping sauces.

Prepare shrimp for frying with a fantail cut.

Step 1

Peel large, fresh shrimp, leaving the tails on. Devein the peeled shrimp using the tip of a sharp knife or a deveiner.

Step 2

Place the shrimp on a cutting board. Slice each shrimp down its inner curve, starting at the top and working your way toward the tail. Do not cut all the way through the thickness of the shrimp.

Step 3

Spread the split shrimp open and set it flat against the cutting board.

Step 4

Gently pound the shrimp with a meat mallet to fully flatten it and prevent the sides from curling up during the cooking process.