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Ringlets are tight, spiraling curls that are popular for formal events, such as weddings and proms. They resemble springs or coils in their shape and natural bounce. If you pull on a ringlet curl, it automatically springs back into its spiral shape. Ringlet curls were particularly popular during the Middle Ages. To create ringlet curls using a curling iron, you will need to use an iron with a thin barrel that is about an inch or less in diameter.

Prepare your hair to be curled by applying a handful of mousse on damp strands. The mousse will help to make the ringlets sleeker and more defined. Comb your hair to allow the mousse to coat each strand.

Separate and clip hair into sections to make it easier to handle. Also, turn on the curling iron to heat it.

Manually wrap a 1/2-inch-wide strand of hair tightly all the way around the barrel of the curling iron, and clamp the lever down to hold the hair. Use a thin strand of hair to ensure tight ringlet curls. Hold your hair in the curling iron for 10 to 15 seconds.

Remove the curling iron lever and gently release the curl. Be careful not to disrupt the curl. Continue curling each strand until all of your hair is in ringlet curls.

Use your fingers to separate the ringlet curls, then spray a thin layer of hair spray to hold the curls.


Don't brush or comb your curls, as this will ruin the curls and make your hair frizzy. Don't leave the curling iron in your hair for longer than 15 seconds to prevent burning it. Use extreme caution when handling the curling iron. Hold it at least an inch from your scalp to prevent burning your skin.

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