How to Cover Bleach Stains On Clothes

A bleach stain seems like the end for any beloved piece of clothing. But don't despair. There are a few methods you can try to salvage it.

Permanent Marker

One of the easiest ways to cover up a bleach stain is to find a permanent marker in the same color as the fabric of the stained item and fill in the discoloration. This is best if the stain is small and in an inconspicuous area, the color of the item is common and the fabric is textured or has a busy pattern.


For larger stains on solid-colored fabrics, consider changing the color of the item. This works best with smoother fabrics like a cotton T-shirt. Let the item soak overnight in the washing machine or sink filled with hot water and bleach. Be sure that the item is completely saturated. This will even out the color, but if you're not satisfied with the color, pick up some dye and follow the instructions on the box. Darker dyes work better.

Bleach Pen

If you're feeling creative, use a bleach pen to create a new pattern throughout the garment by making more marks similar to the stain. This can work on both solid and patterned items.


Depending on where the stain is located, cover it up with a pin, scarf, belt or iron-on patch.


Consider modifying the item by removing the portion that's stained. Turn a dress into a skirt, a skirt into a scarf or try an '80s look by cutting holes all over a T-shirt. Have fun and be creative. At worst, you have fun with a failed art project and at best, you have a new and completely unique item of clothing to wear.