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Dying your hair at home is so much cheaper than having it done in a salon, but it often comes with a very different price-a terrible mess. You can avoid having to refinish your bathroom after dying your hair if you follow these simple steps.

Prepare your dying area. Lay an old towel that you don't mind getting damaged on the counter top. Cover the floor where you will be standing with old towels, sheets or even garbage bags. Set out a wet rag or box of baby wipes so that you will be prepared for any spills.

Cover yourself. Wear comfortable clothes that you do not mind ruining. Put on plastic gloves and leave them on throughout the coloring process.

Mix your color on the towel that you have put on the counter top. Discard the dye packaging inside a plastic bag so that your trashcan is not covered in dye.

Use petroleum jelly around your hairline to prevent your skin from becoming stained by the dye. If any hair dye does get on your skin wipe it off immediately.

Move carefully while coloring your hair. Quick movements can easily fling color onto the walls of your home. While the color is processing don't lean against any walls or furniture. Wearing a plastic shower cap can prevent drips and stains.

Remove the bowl, bottle or other tools that you used to mix your hair dye from the sink area after you have cleaned it. It will stain the porcelain.

Rinse out the hair dye in the shower with your head leaning as far backwards as possible. The less contact the dye has with your face, the better. Rinse your hair until the water is running clear or you will drip dye when you get out of the shower. If dye splatters in your shower clean it off right away.


  • It is always a good idea to have a friend help you dye your hair at home.

  • If you are desperate and do not have any plastic gloves, you can always use sandwich bags on your hands.