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Dreadlocks are a type of hair style that consists of matted hair. The hairstyle dates back to the ancient Egyptians. The term dreadlocks originated in Jamaica. The hairstyle can be created with hair at least three inches long. Dreadlock styles work best on tight, curly hair, but people with straight hair have the ability to dread their hair as well. Dreadlocks can be styled in a variety of ways; sisterlocks, crocheted dreadlocks and cornrows. Dreadlock cornrows can be basic or they can be braided into patterns or pinned for easy maintenance.

Separate the dreads beginning at the crown of the hair into three pieces. Dreads are normally all different lengths and, depending on the type of dreadlock, can be somewhat thick; this will have to be taken into consideration before beginning. Hair clips or ponytail holders should be used to hold the other hair into place as sections of the dreads are braided.

Determine what type of pattern or design the cornrows will be braided into. Dreadlock cornrows, just like regular cornrows, can be braided to create patterns, geometric shapes or they can be basic. The original way the hair is dreaded will also determine the pattern of the cornrows.

Braid three pieces of dreadlocked hair at a time beginning at the top of the head. Hair gel or wax can be used to help hold the cornrow in place. The products used should be specifically for dreaded hair and not normal hair.

Continue dividing the hair into sections of three dreads and braiding them close to the scalp. Braid the cornrow all the way to the end of the hair. Each braid might stop at a different place due to the dreads being different lengths; this is normal due to dreaded hair growing in zigzag patterns.

Take a rubber band and wrap it around the end of the cornrow to secure the dreadlock cornrow in place. Rubber bands can be hard to take out and can cause damage to the hair if they get matted in with the hair. An alternative to rubber bands are bobby pins that can be used to pin the cornrow in place.

Continue to maintain the dreads by washing weekly and using a hair wrap or scarf at night to keep the hair looking neat. Dread hair oil can be used to keep the hair conditioned so it doesn&rsquo;t dry up or look dull.

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