Whole, fresh food is the fad. People are constantly looking for new outlets of food. Eggs often receive great criticism for the way they are produced or the unhealthy ways chicken are kept and fed. In recent years goose eggs have gained popularity for their large size and wholesome appeal. Often, people are taken aback and confused about how to cook these eggs because of their large size. However, aside from cooking for a longer time, you can cook goose eggs just like chicken eggs.

How to cook a goose egg

Boil Fill a pot with three inches of water. Place one or more eggs in the water and boil for eight minutes. Drain the pot, run cool water over the top of the egg and then let it sit for a few minutes before you serve it.

French Omelet Put one teaspoon of oil in a pan, crack an egg into the pan and scramble the egg to make it fluffy. Let the egg settle and cook softly. You do not want the bottom of the egg to become brown.

Scramble The most common way to eat a goose egg is to scramble it. Grease a pan and crack the egg. While cooking, break up the egg and stir constantly while it cooks through. Eggs should be fluffy.

Eggs and Turkey Bacon Scramble the egg and serve with fried or baked turkey bacon. This is a healthy breakfast alternative to chicken eggs and regular bacon.

Goose Egg Salad Boil a goose egg and peel it when cool. Cut egg into small pieces and mix with a tablespoon of mayonnaise and one teaspoon of mustard. Add onions if desired. Serve on bread.


  • Make sure there is no baby in the egg. Unlike chickens, geese do not lay unfertile eggs. Hold the egg up to the light to assure that there is no chick in the egg.