How to Conceal Pockmarks on the Face With Makeup

By Ann Compton

Pockmarked skin is a painful reminder of skin problems. It can be unsightly and detract from your appearance. Today's makeup products are lighter and easier to apply, and with the proper use, they will disguise facial pockmarks. The key is to use a light touch when applying them and work in layers to create a natural look.

Woman applying makeup in mirror
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Erase pockmarks with light, even layers of makeup.

Step 1

Wash your face and apply an oil-free moisturizer to help your makeup go on smoothly and set better.

Step 2

Dab a light layer of concealer on dark spots and pockmarks. Avoid using too much in the first layer; it will crack when it dries. Blend gently with a facial sponge.

Step 3

Put a bit of foundation on your finger or your sponge and apply it lightly over the concealer. Blend with the sponge. Use a shade that's close to your skin tone.

Step 4

Reapply a bit of concealer to pockmarks or dark areas if needed, and blend it with the sponge.

Step 5

Apply the foundation to the rest of your face. Blend using upward stokes over your face. Apply a light layer of foundation to the area under your chin toward your neck, and blend it with the sponge to get an even look and to avoid a line where your makeup ends.

Woman applying makeup
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Use a finishing powder to set your makeup.

Use a large, soft brush to dust your face with loose finishing powder. This will set the makeup, discourage shine, and give your skin a smooth, even appearance.