How to Close a Fish Hook Clasp on a Necklace

By LeafTV Editor

An elegant necklace clasp blends smoothly with the jewelry piece without requiring constant readjusting or hiding behind a tall collar. The fishhook clasp is among the oldest and most common closures for a pearl necklace. The clasp divides into two pieces, the flat, hollow, almond-shaped "fish" and the elongated, curved "hook," with proper closure, the clasp appears like a single fish. Silver, gold and platinum are all acceptable materials for a fishhook clasp, making it a versatile closure style. Correctly closing a fishhook clasp is difficult without a mirror or lots of practice.

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How To Close A Fish Hook Clasp On A Necklace


Hold the "hook" in your dominant hand and the "fish" in the other. Slide the top of the hook through the small bar located at the open tip of the fish. One end of the fish connects to the necklace itself, the bar you must pass the hook through is on the other tip.

Continue sliding the hook around the bar and angle it back in the direction of entry pushing the hook out the other side of the open fish tip. The arch of the hook should now hang around the bar inside the open fish tip and connecting the necklace loosely. Although connected to the fish, almost the entire hook should still be visible.

Pinch the hook ends with two fingers and push it firmly back into the open tip of the fish until you hear the locking spring click.

Test the clasp closure by gently tugging apart either side of the clasp. A secure clasp will not come undone or reveal the hook.


  • Practice closing your fishhook clasp in the mirror before attempting to close it without watching.