How to Clean Your Pandora Bracelet and Charms

By LeafTV Editor

Pandora brand jewelry is very popular. It is classy and customizable to each wearer's personality. But as with any piece of jewelry you love, daily wear will result in some soiling. In order to protect the sterling silver and give it back its luminous shine, make sure to clean your Pandora bracelet and charms safely.

Silver bracelet with different beads
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How To Clean Your Pandora Bracelet And Charms

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Remove all of the charms and clips from your Pandora bracelet and sit them off to the side.

Rub the bracelet gently with the polishing cloth, starting at one end and working your way to the other. Be very careful not to twist or pull on the bracelet, as this could cause damage to it. Once you have completely worked your way over the entire bracelet, examine it. Give special attention to any remaining dull or dark areas.

Polish the charms. One by one use the dry polishing cloth to gently buff away any dark areas and make each charm shine like new again. Remember to keep repositioning your polishing cloth as the silver will leave dark marks on it; try to use a clean area of the cloth for each new charm.

Reassemble your shiny clean Pandora bracelet.