How to Clean Vachetta Leather

By Gail Logan

Vachetta leather is a type of leather that is most often used on the handles and trimmings of handbags and luggage. Unlike other types of leather, it is left untreated. Upscale handbag and luggage designers, such as Coach and Louis Vuitton, have popularized the usage of vachetta leather. Because the leather is not treated, it must be cleaned carefully.

Vachetta leather develops a natural patina over time.

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Step 1

Wipe the surface of the leather in a single direction with a clean, white cloth to remove surface dirt and debris.

Step 2

Gently rub a white pencil eraser over the leather to remove any smudges that do not come off with the damp cloth.

Step 3

Apply a leather conditioner to a clean, soft cloth after removing surface dirt. Rub the cloth into the vachetta leather using a circular motion.

Step 4

Wipe away the residue using a clean cloth.

Step 5

Gently buff with the cloth to add a soft sheen to the leather.