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10 karat gold, also called 10K, is made with 10 parts gold to 14 parts other metal and is the minimum karat designation to be still considered gold in the United States. In comparison 18 karat gold contains 18 parts gold to 6 parts of another metal and 24 karat is pure gold. 10 karat gold is commonly used in jewelry and cuff links, but can also be used to plate other metal items, such as baby rattles commonly used as unique gifts.

Lay the 10K gold object on a flat surface. If you are concerned about getting the surface wet, lay a towel or cloth under the object.

Add a squirt of liquid dish soap to a small bowl of cool to room temperature water. Alternatively, a capful of jewelry cleaner can be added to two cups of room temperature water.

Dip a soft cloth in the soapy water. Rub the cloth onto the gold item. Rotate the item to clean the entire surface. If needed, a small, soft-bristled brush can be dipped in the soapy water and lightly rubbed onto the gold object to clean crevices.

Dampen a soft cloth in cool water. Wipe down the object to remove all soap residue.

Dry the item with towel or cloth. This prevents water spots from forming.


Don't use pastes, such as those made with baking soda or toothpastes to clean gold. It can get caught in the crevices and once dry, can be difficult to remove.