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Jewelry that has been damaged by fire is often salvageable, especially if it's made of precious metals or resilient stones, such as diamonds. As long as the metal hasn't melted, it can be repaired and restored. Burned jewelry restoration, unless the damage is very minor, is not simple or quick. It may be worth the cost of professional restoration. Doing it yourself is much less expensive, although your efforts may not yield the same results.

Attach the bristle brush to the rotary tool and use the medium speed. Touch the buffer to the tripoli compound.

Buff the surface of the jewelry carefully. Too much buffing can alter the thickness of the surface or cause damage. Do tiny sections at a time.

Dip the jewelry in a pickle solution of 1 cup of vinegar mixed with 1 tablespoon of salt. Rinse with water and dry.

Attach the polishing wheel to the rotary tool. Touch the wheel to the polishing compound and carefully polish the jewelry until the firescale is gone and the metal shines.


If the damaged jewelry has another material, such as melted plastic attached to it, remove it with a craft knife. If the material is baked on, have a professional remove it.


Don't rush. This process removes a thin layer of the jewelry's surface, and working aggressively or quickly can cause permanent damage.