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Keeping your Rainbow Sandals in optimal condition calls for occasional cleaning. After all, you want the leather, rubber or hemp on your Rainbows to always look its best. Gentle care allows you to rinse away the wear and tear and restore your sandals to their previous state.

Rainbow Sandals started with one man, a dream and his garage in Laguna Beach, California, in 1972. What began as Jay "Sparky" Longley's lofty goal to make the world's best sandal has transformed into a company that now produces 2 million pairs of sandals annually.

Today's Rainbow Sandals come in a variety of styles. Classic leather sandals have a smooth texture, while premier leather feels like suede. Rubber sandals include a soft, rubber outsole combined with a polyester strap that fits comfortably against your foot. Hemp styles feature a double-stitched hemp top outsole and straps.

Keeping your Rainbow Sandals in proper condition requires some at-home care. Fortunately, leather, rubber and hemp Rainbow Sandals can all be cleaned with the same simple solution, using materials you have in your home.

Use a clean cloth to wipe down your Rainbow Sandals and remove any dirt and debris.

Mix a cup of water with a teaspoon of mild dish soap or laundry detergent.

Place another clean cloth into this water-soap mixture. Wring it out, and then gently rub the damp cloth over your Rainbow Sandals, focusing on the top outsole, double-stitched straps and nylon toe piece first.


Use as little soapy water as possible when cleaning your Rainbow Sandals. You need just enough to erase any dirt and stains. Rainbow Sandals' Lifetime Guarantee-guarantee), which runs for the lifetime of the shoe's sole, does not cover water damage, so if you douse your sandals in water when cleaning them, you might be out of luck.

Clean the rubber soles -- likely the dirtiest part -- of your Rainbow Sandals last, using the same soapy water solution. Wipe down the sole with the cloth to thoroughly remove any dirt and debris.

Place your freshly cleaned Rainbow Sandals out of direct sunlight to dry. Drying indoors, away from the sun's rays, ensures the sandals -- particularly leather varieties -- don't dry out and crack.


If you notice that the toes and heels of your sandals curl upward after cleaning, don't worry. Wearing your sandals regularly will flatten them out again.

Soapy water is a safe and gentle cleaner for all types of Rainbow Sandals. While other products, such as leather cleaners, might promise like-new sandals, they may feature ingredients that can harm your Rainbows. Avoid leather conditioners and oil- or petroleum-based cleaners. These products may cause the sandal's midsole to split from the rest of the sandal, causing irreparable damage. Finally, don't toss your Rainbow Sandals into the washing machine or dryer. They won't be able to withstand the friction and heat.