How to Clean Eyebrows

By Christina Schnell

Your eyebrows are often under-appreciated. They are there for the express purpose of protecting your eyeballs from foreign particles, and often the most attention they get is a painful plucking or waxing every few weeks along with the occasional coating of eyebrow tint. Just like any other hair follicles, your eyebrow hair follicles produce an oily protective substance called sebum. Also, just like your face and scalp, your eyebrows are also at risk for acne and dandruff irritation without proper care.

Clean your eyebrows after tweezing to prevent irritation.

Step 1

Remove any eyeshadow or eyebrow tint. Apply a few drops of eye-makeup remover to a tissue and rub the tissue over the eyebrow firmly in the same direction as the hair. Repeat this process until the tissue returns clear of makeup.

Step 2

Apply a dime-sized amount of gentle, baby soap to a wet, warm washcloth. Create a lather by rubbing the washcloth together in your hands.

Step 3

Close your eyes and gently massage the warm, soapy washcloth over your eyebrows and eyelids. Use your pointer, middle and ring fingers to focus the soapy washcloth specifically over your eyebrows. The gentle soap will remove any excess dirt, oil or bacteria that built up throughout the day or that was left by your makeup brushes.

Step 4

Rinse your soapy eyebrows by splashing a few handfuls of warm tap water directly over your eyebrows. Open your eyes briefly to ensure the absence of any remaining soapy suds.

Step 5

Pat your eyebrow area dry using a clean washcloth. Pat, do not rub. Rubbing can irritate your skin. Use a washcloth just out of the dryer or from a linen closet outside your bathroom. Washcloths sitting in a a damp bathroom are magnets for germs and bacteria growth.