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Jagermeister machines dispense Jagermeister shots at 5 to -11 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping your Jagermeister machine clean is essential to its performance. Types of Jagermeister machines include models that hold, chill and dispense the contents of either one or up to three 750-millileter or one-liter bottles of Jagermeister. The former is an at-home model, sometimes called the Shotmeister. The latter models, the J99 and the Jemus, are common at bars that serve Jagermeister shots.

Cleaning the Jagermeister Shotmeister

Power off the machine and, if necessary, remove the Jagermeister bottle. Don't worry about spillage; the orange bottle stopper will prevent any.

Drain the Shotmeister of any remaining Jagermeister into the water pitcher. Pull the tap handle toward you as if to dispense and tip the whole machine forward, like you might drain the last from a cooler.

Fill an empty Jagermeister bottle with warm water. Install a clean orange stopper onto the Jagermeister bottle. Insert the bottle into the chilling chamber as with a new bottle of Jagermeister. The bottle stopper should engage the chilling well. A draining bottle is proof of correct alignment.

Pull the tap handle and drain the Jagermeister bottle and the Shotmeister of all the warm water.

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 until you drain clear water from the machine. Use a fresh bottle stopper when you reload a Jagermeister bottle into the Shotmeister via the chilling chamber.

Cleaning the Jagermeister J99

Turn off the refrigeration switch and remove the Jagermeister bottles from the top of the machine.

Push the dispense button. Drain all the remaining Jagermeister from the machine into a water pitcher. Let the machine sit for 15 to 20 minutes so the cooling coils can heat up a little.

Pour a half liter of plain warm water into the bottle wells at the top of the machine. Push the dispense button to drain the water. Repeat until the draining water is clear and remains warm as it drains. Drain until the machine makes spitting sounds.

Allow the machine to sit for another 15 minutes. During this time, wipe down the machine's exterior with a warm damp cloth. Check and clean the machine's air filter (located in the rear). Rinse the filter in warm water and allow it to dry. Once it's dry, feel free to vacuum it.

Replace the Jagermeister bottles on top of the machine. Wait until the chilling well fills before turning on the refrigeration switch. Chilling requires 15 to 20 minutes.

Cleaning the Jagermeister Jemus

Turn the machine off. You'll find the switch in the rear. Remove the bottles from the top of the unit.

Open the faucet and drain the Jemus of any remaining Jagermeister into a water pitcher.

Keep the faucet open. Pour a half liter of warm water into the bottle well. Allow the water to flow through the machine. Close the faucet. Pour another half liter of warm water and any FDA-approved cleaning solution into the bottle well. Let the mixture sit in the machine for 5 minutes.

Wipe down the Jemus' exterior with a warm damp cloth. Clean the drip tray and the filter with warm water. Let the filter dry, after which time you can vacuum it, also.

Open the Jemus' faucet and drain the machine of water. Flush the cooling system with 2 to 3 more liters of warm water to ensure removal of all cleaning solution.

Replace the bottles of Jagermeister on top of the machine. Turn on the power. Give the machine 30 minutes before dispensing.


Clean your Shotmeister once every six months.

Clean your J99 or Jemus once per month.

Clean the bottle stoppers between each use by running them under warm water.

Use clean stoppers when changing bottles or reloading a half-empty bottle.

Use a pre-chilled bottle of Jagermeister with your Shotmeister to cut down on chilling time.


Do not use a water jet or sprayer to clean the interior of your Jagermeister machine.

Don't pour anything but Jagermeister into your Shotmeister, J99 or Jemus. Doing so can encourage frost and damage the cooling coils.

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