How to Choose the Right Neckline

By LeafTV Editor

How to Choose the Right Neckline. Choosing the right neckline is like a little review in geometry. But forget the pop quiz - use this new tool to balance your figure and enhance your face.

Choose the Right Neckline

Step 1

Consider your options. You're familiar with V necks, turtlenecks, mock turtlenecks and crew necks, but jewel necks (tight crew neck that slightly creeps up the neck), scoop necks (a "u" shape from collar bones), square necks (right angles from collar bones) and boat necks (very open neck slicing across collar bones) can enhance various faces and figures.

Step 2

Choose boat necks and jewel necks to flatter a heart-shaped face, and turtlenecks and jewel necks to compliment a long face. Balance a wide, round face with scoop necks, V necks, square necks and mock turtlenecks.

Step 3

Soften broad shoulders with a V neck or plunging neckline, which will draw attention away from the shoulders. Minimize a large bustline with open-collared shirts and V necks. Enhance a small bustline with boat neck and jewel neck styles.

Step 4

Wear an attractive scoop or V-necked sweater to make a short neck appear longer. Remember that this look will expose a double chin, which is best concealed with a turtleneck.

Step 5

Opt for a more conservative neckline on the job, and save your more revealing looks for a night out on the town.