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Redheads only make up two to five percent of the United States population. This rare hair color is more desired and more fashionable than ever now and natural redheads can have more fun than most with striking highlights. You just need to decide which overall effect you want to achieve: subtle or dramatic. The good news is that whatever you decide the color will look great, as redheads usually have extremely pale skin, which compliments any color scheme. The deciding factor is eye color. Redheads with soft brown to hazel eyes should usually pick warmer, subtler shades, as overly bright or vivid shades can create disharmony. Redheads with blue, turquoise or green eyes have more freedom, as their bright eye colors can compliment both bright and subdued shades.

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Take the mirror outside so that you can be surrounded by natural light. Look at your hair and skin in the mirror. Hold the piece of yellow fabric against your hair and face. The yellow color will warm your skin and hair, and give you a more autumnal look and coloring. Famous redheads with warmer coloring are Evan Rachel Wood and Isla Fisher.

If you like this shade and have light brown to hazel eyes, you should pick golden to strawberry blonde highlights. If you have blue, turquoise or green eyes, you can pick strawberry blonde, golden blonde or any shade of yellow blonde.

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Take the piece of burgundy fabric and hold it in the same place. The effect will accentuate the paleness of your skin and give you a vivid, striking color. Famous redheads with darker hues are Annie Wershing and Debra Messing.

If you like this hue and have light brown to hazel eyes, you should pick light to dark shades of auburn. If you have blue, turquoise or green eyes, you can pick any shade of auburn as well as deep reddish-black colors.

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Lift the bright red fabric to your head and assess in the mirror. It is possible to get highlights that are simply a brighter shade of red than the hair you were born with. This hair color makes you stand out in every crowd. It brightens your skin but without any danger of washing you out. Be careful with this hue because when it fades it usually turns to an unsightly orange. Famous redheads with brighter hues are Marcia Cross and Julianne Moore.

If you like this color and have light brown to hazel eyes, pick soft shades of copper. If you have blue, turquoise or green eyes, you can pick any shade of copper or of pure, bright red.


All hair dye will grow faint with time, but the redder the haircolor is, the faster it will fade and the sooner you'll need to touch it up yourself or visit a salon.

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