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Prada makes high-quality and expensive merchandise. There are some good deals out there, but you want to be sure that anything you buy with the Prada name on it was legitimately made by the company. Prada has serial numbers and model numbers associated with all of its merchandise, so you can verify the authenticity. If you have all of the right information, checking the serial numbers is a simple task.

Locate the Prada authenticity cards or certificates that came with the merchandise. Any authorized retailer has these cards for Prada products. Many people selling an older product second-hand still have these items, as well. Genuine authenticity cards have Prada's name engraved on them, and are not just printed.

Read your authenticity cards. The plastic card lists a model number on the back. The black paper card lists the same information as the plastic one, in addition to a serial number with a bar code. Depending on the product, it may have two bar codes with serial numbers.

Call an authorized retailer, like Saks or Neiman Marcus, to have them check the model number. You can also email client service at Prada directly and ask them about the model number or the serial number. They can provide you with the information about whether the serial number is legitimate or not.


Prada sunglasses have a serial number engraved on the inside of one arm, if you cannot locate your authenticity cards or you bought the sunglasses second-hand.

Some Prada bags come in a plastic drawstring bag with the Prada logo which has all of the authenticity card information printed on a sticker on the outside. The serial number and model number are also available there.

The quality of the materials, the evenness of the stitching and the legitimate Prada logo can also help to indicate whether or not the product is genuine.