Some luxury watch manufacturers, such as Baume & Mercier, recommend you take your watch in to an authorized dealer for a battery change in order to avoid unnecessary scratches or damage. The average lifespan of a watch battery is two to three years, and Baume & Mercier suggests a complete watch service every three to five years. You will void any guarantee on your watch if you try to service it yourself or use an unauthorized service center. Protect your investment and only have maintenance and battery changes performed at an authorized dealer.

Find an authorized Baume & Mercier retailer. Go to the store where it was purchased or find a location online by using the provided website resource. (See reference 1)

Take your watch to the authorized dealer.

Request a battery change. This is a simple service and should only take five minutes, unless there is a long line of customers ahead of you.

Return for another battery change within two to three years. Baume & Mercier advises to never leave a worn battery in your watch in order to avoid deterioration that can damage watch movement.