How to Care for Biracial Hair

By LeafTV Editor

How to Care for Biracial Hair. When it comes to caring for biracial hair, the specific products used are not nearly as important as the methods and processes that are followed. Since different hair types require differing levels of attention, you will have to adjust the following biracial hair care routine to suit your specific needs. However, if you follow a few simple guidelines, you can achieve naturally beautiful results.

Care for Biracial Hair

Caring for Biracial Hair

Step 1

Wash hair about once a week using a high quality shampoo that will not dry out your hair. Look for products that are hydrating or contain natural oils. Washing hair too often can reduce shine. The natural oils in the scalp will keep the hair supple, and prevent drying out. Rinsing hair without washing between shampoos can freshen hair.

Step 2

Condition hair after washing or rinsing using a moisturizing cream conditioner. Gently massage conditioner, beginning at the tips and working your way towards the scalp. Stop conditioning about a ½-inch from the scalp.

Step 3

Condition hair with a deep conditioner once or twice a month. Follow the directions on the bottle regarding application instructions.

Step 4

Pat hair dry using a clean towel.

Step 5

Comb hair using a wide-toothed comb. Start at the ends and comb working your way towards the scalp.

Styling Biracial Hair

Step 6

Apply a leave-in conditioner or curl-enhancing cream to define and soften curls. Separate sections and smooth conditioner or cream through the ends.

Step 7

Allow to air dry, as heat can damage biracial hair.

Step 8

To straighten biracial hair apply a natural oil, such as avocado, jojoba or coconut to the locks prior to blow drying. A bonnet style blow-dryer is less damaging than a blow-dryer.

Step 9

Use a ceramic flat iron that has variable heat settings. Test the heat settings and use the lowest setting that straightens. Pin hair up in sections, straightening the hair at the neck first. Gradually move from section to section straightening from the base of the scalp to the tips of the hair. Straighten only small sections of an inch or so at a time.

Step 10

Apply an anti-frizz serum to straightened hair and to maintain sheen.