How to Buy Wholesale Perfume

By Greyson Ferguson

For any occasion, perfume can add a touch of elegance. Whether it be a formal reception or an afternoon baseball game, the right perfume can excite the senses and tantalize those around. But a name perfume normally comes at a high cost and can range upwards of 100 dollars for a small bottle. When trying to watch a budget, but still smell wonderful, purchasing perfume at wholesale may be the best option.

Step 1

Navigate to one of the the perfume links in the "Resources" section (,, This will take you to the "NameBrandsPerfume" website, which offers perfumes at a discounted price of up to 70 percent.

Step 2

Type the name of the perfume in the "Search" bar. If you're not sure the name of your favorite perfume or how to spell it (perfume names can sometimes be difficult to spell), just scroll through the list of available perfumes.

Step 3

Select the perfume you'd like to purchase and click "Add to Shopping Bag." You will now be taken to a new page where you can select how many you'd like to buy. If you're done shopping, click "Check Out." You will now be required to sign up for a free account. Click "Register Now," then fill out the required information (name, email, mailing address). You will now be taken to the checkout screen.

Step 4

Fill in your billing and payment information (the system will already have your mailing information because of your new account), then select a shipment method. Click "Submit" and the order will be placed. You will receive a notification shortly in your email about your recent order, and the purchase will be mailed out within the next few business days.