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Fashion designers are highly creative individuals. They devote their lives to imagining innovative new designs and executing a vigorous process in order to make them a reality. They are, in fact, artists in their own right, something that has earned them a great deal of respect across the industry. When writing a paper or researching career prospects, you may find yourself wanting to contact a fashion designer for advice or guidance. It may also be necessary to contact them about having a custom order made. There are a few ways that fashion designers can be contacted.

Visit the designer's website. Most fashion designers own the domains associated with their brands, like erinfetherston.com and erdem.co.uk.

Select the "Contact' section on the website.

Find the contact information for the type of inquiry you want to make. The information is typically broken up into sections, including contact information for buyers, job applicants, press inquiries, and head office details. For general inquiries, use the head office information.

Send an email to the correct address, detailing your request for the designer, and any important dates or deadlines that you need to hear back from them by.

Phone the company, if a phone number is listed. Often designers will respond more promptly to phone calls than to emails.

Visit the designer's showroom or headquarters if it is accessible to you. There you can speak to a representative in person and discuss setting up an appointment with the designer.

Reach out to the designer through her social media outlets. Her website will list the links to any present accounts. Try contacting her on Twitter through a private message or @ reply. Become a fan of the designer's page on Facebook and write on his wall or send him a message. Social media coordinators, or the designer himself, often monitor these sites in order to reply to maintain good relationships with customers.