Though trends are ever-changing, T-shirts never go out of style. Tapping into the T-shirt market is easy, fun and best of all, profitable. Read on to learn how to buy T-shirts for resale.

Familiarize yourself with the latest trends in T-shirt fashion. Sports teams, bands and nostalgic slogans are just some in-demand styles. Know what’s hot before you set out to buy and resale.

Locate the goods. Visit thrift stores and garage sales for dirt cheap T-shirts. Be sure to check for damage like stains, tears and other signs of wear.

Buy the lot. Buying in bulk means big savings. Make sure the lot includes desirable styles before you make an offer.

Reinvent a boring white T. Screenprint an edgy graphic or add character through iron-on appliques. Print a clever saying or paint a cool picture on the shirt. Embroidery, patches and creative sewing techniques give new life to an otherwise bland shirt.

Start selling. Take your goods to vintage clothing boutiques and specialty stores. Research the local market to determine what retail establishments buy second-hand clothing or locally made goods. Also use online commerce sites to sell your T-shirts.


  • Browse Ebay auctions to see what types of T-shirts are going for the most money.

  • Vintage sales. Old band T-shirts and vintage graphic T’s will bring in the most money.

  • Sell the shirt off your back. Don’t overlook the value of your own wardrobe. Rid yourself of old T-shirts with popular logos or vintage concert T’s. You’ll cut back on closet clutter and make some cash at the same time.