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Pandora bracelets have become the latest fashion craze. Developed by the Pandora company, this unique item allows you to "build your own" bracelet by adding beads, charms or findings to your piece, thereby creating a bracelet (or necklace) that is unique to your personal style. Due to the ease of use, it is also possible to change the look of this piece quickly, allowing you to create more than one bracelet while using the same base.

Purchase your bracelet. Pandora bracelets come in lengths from 6 to 9 inches. To determine the proper length you should purchase, take a measuring tape and measure around your wrist at the widest section or where the small bones stick up. To allow room for the charms, add approximately 1 inch to the length, or place 1 finger under the tape measure, including the width in your number. You can then select the bracelet base chain you wish. They are available in silver, gold and oxidized silver, which creates a black look to the bracelet. The clasps are either gold or silver. Prices range from $50 to $1,200 as of 2009 and are largely dependent upon the company where you purchase the bracelet. Each bracelet has at least two areas that contain a removable threaded bead. This is where you will be able to add beads and charms to your bracelet.

Add beads and charms. The unique flexibility of this bracelet is that it can be tailored to your personal choice and changed often. Pick beads and charms that inspire you. Remove the threaded bead from a section where you wish to place your beads or charms. Slide your charm onto the bracelet base and rethread the bead.

Add spacers. In the same manner as you added the beads and charms to your bracelet, you are able to add spacers to provide additional flair or to highlight special beads or charms you have added. Locks are also available. These fit directly over the threaded bead and are pressed together. To remove a lock, simply pry it apart and pull it away from the bracelet.

Add a security feature. There is also a bracelet security chain that can be added to your bracelet. The bead section of this accessory is placed on the bracelet close to the clasp. The chain extends between the two beads. In this way, should the clasp fail for any reason, your bracelet will not fall off, but will continue to reside on your wrist supported by the chain.


When visiting the Pandora website, be sure to select the "country" you reside in so you can enter the main website.


Pandora charms and beads may not be usable in any other design, based on the patented threadlike feature. Likewise, regular beads and charms may not fit on the Pandora bracelet. If practicing "building" your bracelet on the Pandora site, please note that the measurements are in centimeters, not inches.

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