How to Braid Your Own Hair in Pigtails

By LeafTV Editor

Braiding your hair in pigtails is a fun way to keep your hair out of your face and look cute and youthful at the same time. Braiding your hair in pigtails is relatively easy and requires few items, and it gets easier with practice. Although braiding someone else's hair is slightly different, the angle can be easier, and it might benefit you to practice, so you can perfect your own hair.

Red-haired woman leaning back in chair with braided pigtails
credit: Big Cheese Photo/Big Cheese Photo/GettyImages
How To Braid Your Own Hair In Pigtails



Part your hair using the teeth of your comb. Begin at the forehead and make a straight line down to the nape of the neck. Let your hair fall to the right and left side of the center part.

Divide one side of your hair into three equal parts. This can be done using your fingers or your comb.

Grab the three strands separately with both hands. Hold two strands, one outside strand and the center strand, in one hand. With the other hand, grasp the other outside strand.

Place the outer strand over the middle strand and grasp the strands in their new position with the same hold as before. Repeat this with alternating sides until your hair is completely braided.

Secure your hair with a rubber band at the tip of your braid. Feed your hair through the rubber band, twist the rubber band around your hair and let go once it is held in place.

Repeat these steps on the other side. Start the braid at the same level to achieve symmetry on both sides.

Lightly spray hair with hairspray. This will keep your hair in place and flyaway hairs smoothed for several hours.


  • Keep tension in your hair while you are braiding. This will help to keep the braid smooth and free of bubbles.

  • You can add color and flair to your hair by adding colored rubber bands, ribbons or other accessories.