By Alice Stewart

Braiding is the process of interlacing three or more strands of a flexible material to create a pretty interwoven pattern. As well as braiding the hair on your head, you can braid facial hair providing it is a minimum of 2 inches long. Braided beard hair can be used to add the finishing touches to a fancy dress costume, but it also gathers the hair together and helps to keep it looking neat and tidy.


Separate a section of beard hair you want to braid. Separate this section into three equal-sized sections of hair.

Separate the sections of hair so they are positioned vertically parallel next to one another. Lift the section on the left-hand side over the section in the middle. Lift the section on the right-hand side over the middle section, so that it is now in the middle position. Repeat this process until you have braided the desired length of beard.

Pinch the bottom of the braid between your ring finger and thumb. Apply a generous amount of hair wax onto the bottom of the braid to secure it in place.