By Sarah Vrba

Nearly everyone has gone through a hair rut that includes the same boring ponytail, flat shoulder-length mop or the proverbial hat day. Hair accessories are the instant cure for the do doldrums. Put some wind back into your sails with the colorful, textured miracle of beaded braids. They only take a few extra minutes and add a spunky flair to braids of all makes and sizes. These little accessories are perfect for a summer bash or a splash of color in the winter months.

girl with creative hair-do
credit: Sergey Anatolievich Pristyazhnyuk/iStock/Getty Images
Turn plain hair into head-turning splendor with beaded braids of glory.

Step 1

Brush your hair thoroughly to smooth out the strands and to ensure there are no tangles or knots before beginning the braiding process. Apply a dime-sized amount of smoothing hair serum to your strands from root to tips to add extra shine and smoothness to the strands.

Step 2

Grab a 2-inch section of hair to create your first small braid. This section can be on either side of the head or even at the back. Wrap a small hair elastic around the base of the section of hair to secure the hair and create a base for the braid.

Step 3

Cut off a foot-long section of beading wire and keep the wire handy. Separate the section of hair into three even sections. Wrap the ends of one section of hair around one end of the beading wire very gently.

Step 4

Feed two or three beads onto the other end of the beading wire and continue pushing the beads up onto the connected strand of hair. Continue to feed beads onto the wire and onto the hair until you feel you have enough beads to create a colorful braid. Depending on the size of the beads this can be anywhere from five to 20 beads.

Step 5

Wrap the base of the beaded section of hair with a hair elastic to keep the beads on the section of hair. You can also opt to add beads to more than one section of the braid before you begin the braiding process for added texture.

Step 6

Braid the hair into a tidy, smooth braid. Now you should have a braid with beads weaving subtly through the hair. Tie the base of the braid with another hair elastic. At this point you can remove the original elastic from the beaded section of the braid or opt to leave it in place. Repeat this braiding process on as many sections and braids as you desire.