How to Blend the Top and Sides When Cutting Men's Hair. If you have just begun to cut your spouse's or child's hair, and you've cut the front to the appropriate length, you need to blend the top with the sides. The look of a professional haircut all blends together with layers gently edging toward the ear. When you cut men's hair, make sure you don't omit this process.

Dampen hair. If you've just cut the top to get the appropriate length, it should still be damp. It's difficult to cut men's hair evenly if it's already dry.

Check to see that the length is equal on the top before you begin the layering process to blend the top and sides, which ensures that you don't have to recut the top afterward. It needs to be evened before you begin the layering process.

Measure the top to blend with the side. Lift hair from the top, toward the back and blend it with the hair that you cut on the side. Cut to get approximately the same length.

Comb the hair back and grasp it between the first and third finger. Pull it toward the back at an angle and cut. This allows the hair to be longer in the front and gently layered toward the side length.

Repeat the process on the other side. When you cut men's hair, you need to constantly keep an angle when you blend it with the sides. Make certain that you measure the length with the sides before you pull the hair back.

Grasp the hair in the middle between your first and middle finger and pull it back toward the crown of the head. Make certain that your fingers are straight as you clip the hair to match the first two cuts.