How to Be as Beautiful as Monica Bellucci

By LeafTV Editor

Monica Bellucci is a striking Italian beauty, with a strong, structured style. Her makeup is usually soft and feminine, and her hairstyle most often long, straight and dark.

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How To Be As Beautiful As Monica Bellucci

As an actress and Dior model, Monica Bellucci has a signature style that is all her own, but you can incorporate some of her key wardrobe pieces and impart a little bit of that sultry Mediterranean flair into your own look.

Bellucci frequently favors shirts and jackets that have high, stiff collars. This look elongates her neck, and instantly slims. Pair your high-collar style with a monochrome color palette, cigarette pants or dark hosiery and you will have a long, lean ensemble.

Wear to: The office, lunch on the weekends, or even just running errands. This versatile look can work anywhere.

Bellucci's hair is long, loose and dark. She keeps her hair straight and shiny. You can achieve a similar look by applying a styling promenade to your hair, requesting loose, fringed bangs from your hair stylist, and coloring your hair a shiny black if it isn't already.

For your makeup, consider a matte face, light creme blush in a rose, nude shade, and pink lips. To do your eyes, first curl your lashes to give a wide, doe-eyed effect. Eyes rimmed in brown or black eyeliner and slightly smudged along the lash line will keep your look soft.