How to Avoid unattractive Toe Cleavage

By LeafTV Editor

Toe cleavage is a fashion no-no. To do away with toe cleavage, you must be very careful while picking shoes. While people with long or wide toes may find this to be a problem, toe cleavage can be avoided by following these simple steps.

Toe cleavage

Step 1

First off try a heel with a wide strap over the toes. There are tons of cute shoes like this, and these types of shoes will make long or wide toes look smaller.

Step 2

Close toe shoes can work in many different situations. Even thought these can seem old fashion, they eliminate toe cleavage all together.

Step 3

Flats can eliminate the appearance of toe cleavage. You might still see some, but it will be less noticeable since your foot isn't slanted like it would be if you were wearing a heel. Plus they are adorable!

Step 4

Try a heel with multiple straps. This will distract from the toe cleavage, and they give a pattern look.