Oily fingers can result from a wide variety of causes. Whether you are eating something that is too greasy, moisturizing your skin with an oily lotion, or working up a sweat, you may find that your hands become oily and uncomfortable. Part of a hygiene regimen for oily fingers is preventing the problem before it even occurs, which can be done in a variety of ways.

Things You'll Need

Stay away from greasy food. Greasy food is one of the most common causes of oily fingers. If you must eat something that is greasy or oily, have a napkin handy.

Wash your hands regularly when working hard with bare hands. Use a hand soap formulated to cut through oil and grease and wash it away.

Wear plastic gloves when applying moisturizer to your skin or use a wash cloth instead of applying the moisturizer with your bare hands.

Avoid touching your face and hair. Both contain oil that can transfer to your fingers.

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