How to Avoid Burning in a Tanning Bed

By Megan Shannon

Tanning beds are popular to many people during all the seasons of the year. They are a great way to get a fast natural looking tan but also have their disadvantages as well. You can become severely burned if you do not use a tanning bed properly and this needs to be avoided at all costs. Whether you are a first-time tanner or have tanned before, here are some helpful tips on avoiding burning in a tanning bed.

Great results but only when used properly.

Step 1

Know your skin sensitivity. Many times people think they do not burn easily only because they haven't experienced a sun burn that often when exposed to the sun for a long period of time. This does not always mean you do not have sensitive skin however. Knowing how fast or easily you burn will help you avoid burning in the tanning bed.

Step 2

Only tan for the recommended amount of time. You have the option of going up to twenty minutes in regular tanning beds but for your first time you will need to go less than five minutes. It may not seem like very long but after doing this a few times a week for about two weeks you can move your time up. The point is to develop a base tan and then gradually increase your tanning time until you reach your desired color.

With a wide variety of lotions you will have no problem finding one perfect for you.

Choose a good tanning lotion. There are many different tanning lotions available that all aid in helping you achieve a great tan. Some lotions contain bronzing stimulants, some have a shimmer and some even have a tingle factor. You will want to do your research to see which lotion would be best for you. You can also ask the sales associate for help when you go in for your appointment.

Tanning Goggles

Wear protective eye wear. Many places that offer a tanning service will usually provide protective eye wear for you to use but if they do not, they will require you bring your own. Luckily, they are cheap and you can even purchase disposable ones if you do not plan to go regularly.

Step 5

Be aware of any medication you take. Some medications and even beauty products may cause your skin to be more at risk for sun sensitivity. If you are unsure if you currently use anything that will increase this risk, look it up or ask your doctor.