Skin Care

Jergens Natural Glow lotion allows users to maintain a bronzed appearance year-round. Although it is easier to use than many other sunless tanning products, it must be applied correctly in order to avoid orange, streaky results. Whether you already use Jergens Natural Glow or have been considering trying it, follow these simple steps to ensure that your tan looks even and natural and is the right shade for your skin tone.

Tips on Use and Application

The chemicals found in many sunless tanning products tend to dry out skin. The major benefit of Jergens Natural Glow is that it simultaneously moisturizes your skin while building a tan. Voted best sunless tanning lotion by Consumer Research Reports, Jergens Natural Glow includes a blend of moisturizers, antioxidants and Vitamin E.

When purchasing Jergens Natural Glow, choose the tone that best matches your natural skin tone. If you select a shade that is too light, the tan will not show up on your skin. If you pick one that is too dark, your tan may appear orange-colored. Jergens Natural Glow is available in shades for fair, medium and medium/tan skin tones. If in doubt, pick a lighter shade.

Once a day, apply the lotion evenly over your entire body. The best time to do this is after showering and toweling off. It also helps to exfoliate your skin or to shave prior to application. Rub the lotion onto your skin thoroughly, taking care not to overdo on your knees, elbows and other areas with thicker, tougher skin. (The tan may appear darker on these spots.)

After applying the lotion, let it dry on your skin for a few minutes before getting dressed in order to avoid discoloring your clothes. Also, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to prevent your fingers and nails from becoming stained.

Be patient when using this sunless tanner. As with many tanning lotions, it takes time for your tan to develop fully. Ideally your tan will reach its peak in one week, and with daily use of the product you can maintain the tan. Although it takes more time to develop a tan with Jergens Natural Glow than with some other sunless tanners, you are less likely to experience any orange coloring or streaking.

If you are looking for a dark and luxurious tropical tan, Jergens Natural Glow is not for you. This product is meant to provide you with a more subtle, natural-looking tan.

Jergens Natural Glow is not a sunscreen. And, the tan you develop from using Jergens Natural Glow will not protect you from getting burned by the sun. Remember to use sunscreen every day.