How to Authenticate a Sak Handbag

By Meredith Jameson

The Sak Company manufactures handbags in a variety of materials, including patent leather, leather and crochet, as well as different styles, such as crossbody, duffel, satchel, tote and messenger bags. Sak handbags can be found online and in many department stores and other authorized retailers. As with many other expensive items, replicas of Sak handbags are available in the marketplace but a few tips can authenticate a Sak handbag.

Step 1

Purchase Sak handbags through authorized retailers or nationally recognized department stores or authorized retailers to guarantee authenticity of the Sak handbag. Handbags purchased through individuals or independent retailers, whether online or in storefronts, may not be authentic.

Step 2

Check the references of the seller. If buying from auction websites such as Bonanzle or, check the seller's individual rating from previous buyers, particularly those who bought handbags. Click on the item listing on the auction website and click on the seller's name. This will bring up the seller's identification page, including ratings from former buyers. This includes a star-rating system, as well as comments from people who have purchased items from the seller. Before buying the handbag from an online seller, carefully read the fine print on the listing page, particularly if sellers do not offer refunds or exchanges.

Step 3

Examine the bag's wrapping and contents. Authentic Sak handbags will come in original wrapping, including packaging inside the bag. The handles should be covered in plastic or tissue paper and the buckles should be covered in plastic adhesive. The Sak handbag should also come with a dust bag, care instruction card and receipt. If any of these items are missing, the bag may not be authentic.

Step 4

Examine the Sak handbag. The seams should all be straight; not uneven or rough. The fabric should be smooth to the touch and not rip, tear or snag easily. The hardware should have an even luster to it and not be rough to the touch.

Step 5

Research price points of Sak handbags. Go to or check Sak handbags in department stores or other retailers to familiarize yourself with the price of Sak handbags. Most Sak bags start around $35 and go up. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.