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Whether you are a man or a woman, being vertically challenged can affect your self-esteem and confidence level. During puberty, your body undergoes growth spurts. According to the KidsHealth website, girls are physically matured at the age of 15 and boys at the age of 17. If you desire to increase your height after this, you may do so with the help of various artificial methods that will make you appear taller. Small changes, such as posture adjustments and appropriate wardrobe changes, help to add inches to your frame.

Consult your doctor about the possibility of getting growth hormone injections. Growth hormone injections stimulate the liver to secrete hormones that promote bone growth. Growth hormone injections are available by prescription only.

Monitor your posture as slouching and slumping can take several inches off your height. Stand up straight. Divide and balance your weight on both of your feet. Roll your shoulders back and down so your chest naturally pushes forward. Hold your stomach taut.

Choose the right shoes to wear. Wear high heels or wedges if you are a woman to give the appearance of being taller. Put on elevator shoes if you're are a man. Elevator shoes look like regular shoes, but have built-in, heightened soles, which can add up to 4 inches of height. Purchase them from stores or websites that specialize in this type of footwear.

Place removable, height-increasing insoles into any shoes of your choice, to add up to 2 inches in height. Both men and women can use these elevating insoles. Purchase the soles from websites such as Myliftkits.com or Tallerheels.com.

Avoid clothes with horizontal stripes as these make you look shorter than you are. Opt for vertical stripes to add the illusion of being taller. Wear solid, dark-colored clothes to camouflage your torso so your legs look longer.

Wear a hat on your head to fake extra height. Avoid hats that sit close to your skin such as baseball caps. Choose fedoras or any hats that leave some space between your head and the fabric.

Avoid long hair as it hides your neckline, making you appear shorter. Keep you hair short. Add extra inches by creating volume in the hair on top of your head if you are a woman. Avoid slicked back hair.