How to Appropriately Tip a Hairdresser

By Ann Jones

Tipping your favorite hairdresser conveys your gratitude for a job well done. Hairdressers, like waiters and other service professionals, make much of their salary in tips. If you're uncertain how much to tip, it can become an awkward situation. Knowing how much gratuity to give your hairdresser before you walk into the salon saves you from having to ask. Not only should you tip your hairdresser, you should also tip the person who washes your hair.

Show your gratitude for a good haircut by tipping your hairdresser.

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Step 1

Multiply the dollar amount of the bill by 0.15 if the service was good but not exceptional. One way to think of this is that for every dollar your hairdresser charges, you should tip him 15 cents.

Step 2

Multiply the dollar amount of the bill by 0.2 if the service was exceptional. If your stylist brought you a glass of wine or a cup of tea, if he spent a long time with you discussing your style before cutting it or if you had multiple processes (for example, a cut and color), you should tip 20 percent.

Step 3

Tip the person who shampooed your hair an additional dollar or two.