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Wave pomade is used in hair to help keep short waves defined and in place. The pomade is like a wax and must be warmed between the hands to a liquid consistency before applying to the scalp. This non-greasy hair product is applied to the entire scalp to keep it moisturized as well. The product comes in small tubs that are just a few ounces and are sold at most retail stores and drug stores.

Take a small amount of pomade and rub it between your hands to help it become more of a liquid consistency. The amount will depend on what brand of pomade you are using.

Work the pomade into your hair evenly making sure to coat all of your hair and scalp.

Brush your hair to work the pomade in. If you want 360-degree waves, start the brush at the top of your head and brush in a downward motion around your entire head. If you want more defined waves, brush your hair while in the shower.

Put on a do-rag before going to bed. Let the product set on your hair overnight.


The wave pomade will help lock in and hold down your waves. However, it won't help create waves.